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Welcome to Heaven's Door's Free B&B 

Heaven’s Door Cancer Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 wellness and advocacy program, which started in 2005 by Daphne Evans, a multi-cancer survivor: ovarian, breast and spinal cancer. Ms. Evans, after a double mastectomy in 2005, began a spa program to pay for services to other women cancer patients based upon the benefits of her own spa treatments. We have now expanded to patient advocacy, health and healing accommodations and hospital visits.  HDCF helps women with cancer and advanced life threatening illnesses. Its purpose are: 


1) HDCF's Healing Home and Diva Aftercare™: a local step down program for women working with Texas Oncology in a "hospital to home" providing free retreat accommodations at our beautiful and peaceful home, replete with massage and relaxation with a nutritional brunch. We also still schedule spa and resort visits for women going through cancer across the U.S. to maintain their inner fortitude and self-esteem. 

2) Counseling, Support and Patient Advocacy: Patient advocacy: locally and nationally advocacy and ministry, offering spiritual support and counseling for patients and families during this difficult time as well as upon first diagnosis.  Researching and helping patient enrollment in new clinical trials and current treatments. A liaison to patients, assisting in who need help with transportation, rental assistance, utilities assistance and medical help. Going into the homes and providing spiritual pastoral care to terminally ill patients and families.   

3) Companionship and hospital chaplaincy during oncology appointments and related surgeries. Providing spiritual pastoral care to terminally ill patients and families. 

HDCF's Mission

To assist those with advanced life threatening illness; to maintain dignity, function and a high quality of life through out their course of illness. We will help women undergoing treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation cope with the emotionally traumatic and emotional side effects of treatment. The objective is to help patients regain and/or maintain a sense of self confidence and control over their lives and advanced life threatening illnesses.

Heaven's Door's goal is to promote a high quality accommodation for our visitors and their caregivers. Heaven's Door is NOT a medical facility, but will be available for assistance in the patient understanding and practicing aftercare instructions.  Daphne Evans has used her own  income and donations through fashion shows and fundraisers. HDCF is now looking for additional sponsors to assist with extra expenses for clinical trials and treatments. Daphne: "God is my Father and I believe He will provide in some way for me to to eventually to help my cancer family full time. If you have had someone in your life who has been touched by cancer - think of them today and if you feel to give in their memory all donations are appreciated."

We cannot do any of this without your help - if you would like to donate to this amazing cause, every amount is appreciated. Thank you and God Bless!